Ericís Story

By KC Tanner
January 11, 2012

Eric Serdahl, the Fun Times Singers percussionist, has been with the group since 1995. Eric started as a singer in the bass section, but over the past decade has evolved into his current role as our second accompanist, providing percussion and guitar accompaniment for the full chorus and our ensembles and seeming to add a new instrument to his skill set every session. Eric has enhanced our performances with guitar, bass, banjo, ukulele, drums, and a wide variety of percussion instruments. He has also provided sound effects and vocals.
Eric's most memorable musical moment: playing guitar and singing Hanalei Moon under an actual full moon with Auntie Louise on the front porch of the Tahiti Nui Bar in Hanalei, Kauai, Hawaii.
Eric comes from a musical family. His grandmother played mandolin and banjo, his mother played piano and sang, and his father sang Barber Shop with the Men of Note. Eric started playing piano (by ear) and ukulele (Arthur Godfrey style) at the age of five. Over the past 65 years Eric has played electric guitar, electric bass, keyboard and tambourine with The Counts, The Peppermints, The Pacific Trio, The Grotto Gang and Spontaneous Combustion. For 16 years he played the musical roles of Merry Music Maker and Snowflake Strummer in The Annual Spanier Christmas Show. Additional highlights in Eric’s musical career included playing guitar with Fred McCarty at his own 60th Birthday Gala, playing electric bass with Christine VanHoy at various charity events and playing tambourine with Carlos Santana during a sound check at the Berkeley Greek Theater.
Eric is delighted that his family’s musical genes continue in subsequent generations. His daughter sang with Master’s Touch on a U.S tour and on their album, and continues singing and dancing in live community theater. His granddaughter is studying Music at Corbin College. In the latest theater department production, she sang the role of the Queen in Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella. His great-granddaughter received a ukulele for Christmas last year and, since she is 3, lessons are in her future. His great-grandson is the proud owner of an acoustic guitar, but as he is only 2, it will be a few years before his fingers are long enough to wrap around the neck. Predictions are that he will be a “rocker” like his Great-Grandpa Eric.

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