4         Specials.

Specials are additional songs performed during a concert that do not involve the entire chorus. Specials can range from solos to large ensembles.  Only active FTS members may perform in a Special.

a.     Auditions.  All those wishing to sing in a Special must audition. Auditions are held 4-6 weeks prior to the concert. A limited number of songs will be approved by the Choral Director with input from the membership.

b.     Music Selection.  Songs must fit with the theme of the concert.  Each member participating in a Special must purchase an original piece of music. In addition, the group must provide the music for the FTS accompanist and the FTS Webmaster (if MIDI practice files are desired).

c.      Accompaniment.  Groups or individuals wishing to perform a Special must make their own arrangements to obtain accompanists.  Any fees paid to the accompanists are the responsibility of the individuals in the Special.

d.     Participation.  A member may participate in no more than two Specials during each concert. 

e.     Overlap.  Any large group must not include more than 2 members from another large group. For example, a new group cannot include 3 members from the Crew, but it can include 2 members from the Crew and 2 members from the Chix. A group violating the policy will not be prevented from auditioning, but the violation may negatively impact the Choral Director's decision to include the group in the concert. 

f.      Practice Aids.  A member may request that the SpecialŐs music be put on the FTS website as a practice file. An original copy of the music must be given to the FTS webmaster.



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