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Christmas on Broadway
Music by Meredith Willson, Victor Herbert, Glen MacDonough, Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II, Jerry Herman, Alan Menken and Lynn Ahrens
Arranged by John Higgins
African Noel
Kenyan Folk Song
Arranged by Patrick M. Liebergen
Angels Among Us
Music and Lyrics by Becky Hobbs and Don Goodman
Arranged by Pete Schmutte
Music and Lyrics by Lisa Loeb and Cliff Goldmacher
Arranged by Andy Beck
Performed by The Harmonics: Bob Sinn, Brian Salada, Dann Bergman, Ginger Deem, Laurie Robell, Nancy Serdahl, Sue Heller, Susan Purcell, Terry Tanner
Grown-Up Christmas List
Music and Lyrics by David Foster and Linda Thompson-Jenne
Performed by: John Albrecht
Christmas Valentine
Music and Lyrics by David McKee Barnes, Ingrid Michaelson, and Jason Mraz
Duet: Jan Allen, Charlie Perkins
Mary Sat a-Rockin'
Music and Lyrics by Gary Gilpin
Adapted by Rudy Kalafus
Performed by The Crew Bob Sinn, Bob Stoner, Don Barnett, Fred Rust, George Hamma, Rudy Kalafus
Jamaican Noel
Arranged by Linda Spevacek
Deck the Nutcracker Hall
Lyrics: Traditional
Music by Peter Illyich Tchaikovsky
Arranged by Greg Gilpin
White Christmas Medley
Music and Lyrics by Irving Berlin
Arranged by Mac Huff
Solo: Stacey Proffitt
Flautist: Cathy Wells
Sing We Now, Rejoice!
Traditional German Carol
Arranged by Donald Moore
Patapan Fantasia
Music by Bernard De La Monnoye
Lyrics translated by Audrey Snyder
Arranged by Audrey Snyder
Freedom and Light
(A Song for Hanukkah)
Music and Lyrics by Mark Weston
Simple Gifts
Arranged by Jay Althouse
Performed by The Songbirds: Barbara Hayes, Barbara Holden, Bonnie Faber, Glenda Rasmussen, Jessica Krayer, Julianne Savage, Nicole Varnell, Norine DeGregori, Sharon Lee, Stacey Proffitt, Susan Heimsoth
A Holly Jolly Christmas
Music and Lyrics by Johnny Marks
Arranged by Stephen DeCesare
Duet: Tara Lee, John Kerwin
Cozy Little Christmas
Music and Lyrics by Katy Perry, Ferras Alqaisi, Greg Wells
Arranged by Stephen DeCesare
Adapted by Kevin Cormier
Duet: Catharine Wells, Julianne Savage
Silver Bells
Music and Lyrics by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans
Arranged by Mark Hayes
Performed by The Tenatonix: Barbara Holden, Brian Salada, Dann Bergman, John Albrecht, Laurie Robell, Sharon Lee, Stan Ketchum, Susan Purcell, Tara Lee
It's the Holiday Season
Music and Lyrics by Kay Thompson
Arranged by Jill Gallina
Santa, Bring My Baby Back (To Me)
Music by Claude DeMetruis and Aaron Schroeder
Arranged by Ryan O'Connell
(from Shrek)
Music by Leonard Cohen
Arranged by Roger Emerson
Do You Hear What I Hear?
Music and Lyrics by Noel Regney and Gloria Shayne
Arranged by Harry Simeone