2.        Committees 

Members are encouraged to participate in the Chorus by joining Committees that perform functions essential to the operation of the organization.  They are designed to provide an avenue for members to work with others to help, while not requiring an excessive time commitment.

Section 5.2 of the Bylaws identifies four Standing Committees: (1) Recruitment, (2) Election, (3) Venue, and (4) Membership.  Other Committees currently active are identified in this section.  The Bylaws mandate that the Board appoint these Committees (Section 5.3).  Their activities are coordinated by the Vice-President (Bylaws, Section 7.3.b).

a.     Music Library.  The Music Library Committee assists the Choral Director in music selection, purchases the sheet music, distributes it to the members, and returns unused songs.

b.     Website. The Website Committee organizes the website, updates the information to keep it current, and archives old records.

c.      Member Contact.  The Member Contact Committee distributes information on FTS matters to members who do not have access to electronic communication.

d.     Fundraising.  The Fundraising Committee develops methods of augmenting member dues and ticket sales, and conducts sales, e.g., of candy, to bring in revenue.

e.     Rehearsal CDs.   The Rehearsal CDs committee prepares CDs for each voice part once the music selection for the session has been completed.

f.      Publicity.  The Publicity Committee prepares the concert flyers and postcards, which are given to the members responsible for posting the flyers in appropriate places and for distributing postcards to friends and family.

g.     Ticket Sales.  The Ticket Sales Committee solicits members to sell advance tickets, and manages the distribution and collection processes.

h.     Programs.  The Programs Committee prepares the printed concert programs for distribution to the members and the audience.

i.       Stage Crew.  The Stage Crew Committee assembles the risers for the concerts, dismantles them afterwards, and transports them to and from storage between concerts.

j.       Sound Engineering. The Sound Engineering Committee manages the placement of microphones for the recording of concerts, and prepares the record CDs for each session.

k.     Reception. The Reception Committee manages the presentation of food and drinks for the receptions following the concerts, and the cleanup afterwards.

l.       Concert CDs. The Concert CDs Committee works with the Sound Engineering Committee to develop Compact Discs with the concert music for distribution to the membership.

m.   Copyright Clearance.  The Copyright Clearance Committee determines the recipients and amounts of royalties for CD sales of concert songs.

n.     Bylaws . The Bylaws Committee prepares amendments to the Bylaws for approval by the Board and the membership.

o.     Concert Attire. The Concert Attire Committee works with the Choral Director to create a concert appearance that achieves the objectives of affordability, availability and reusability while presenting a pleasing look to our audience.



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