FTS Policy Overview


The Fun Times Singers is a community chorus that welcomes new members.  As the name implies, the Chorus focuses on light music, i.e., pop, rock, folk, Broadway, and movie songs.  The purpose of the organization is to provide an enjoyable singing experience that entertains the audience.

The Fun Times Singers has a professional Choral Director and Accompanist to promote the highest quality of performance consistent with the informal goals of the Chorus.

The following Policies of the Fun Times Singers are designed to support these goals; they complement the Bylaws of the organization.  Whereas Bylaws require the approval of the membership, most Policies can be changed by the Board,

1.     Membership

The Fun Times Singers encourages new members to join at the beginning of each session.  All members are urged to participate in the functioning of the Chorus by joining the Board, a committee, or helping out when asked. Family members may also be asked to help at times. Willingness to help is essential to the smooth operation of the Chorus.

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2.     Committees

Members are encouraged to participate in the Chorus by joining Committees that perform functions essential to the operation of the organization.  They are designed to provide an avenue for members to work with others to help, while not requiring an excessive time commitment.

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3.     Rehearsals

Rehearsals provide a supportive and informal atmosphere for learning the music and gaining new musical skills. The rehearsals are held weekly each session, with one additional rehearsal held the Saturday or Sunday prior to the concerts; they typically last a little over two hours. Each rehearsal has a break, and once a month there is a celebration of birthdays and anniversaries with dessert.

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4.     Specials

Specials are additional songs performed during a concert that do not involve the entire chorus. Specials can range from solos to large ensembles. Only active FTS members may perform in a Special.

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5.     Concerts

Two concerts are held at the end of each session, typically on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. Since the concerts are the primary source of income to the organization, it is essential that chorus members invite their friends and families to concerts.

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6.     Website

The website, which can be accessed at www.FunTimesSingers.org, is an important channel of communications of FTS activities to the membership and the community at large. Liberally supplied with pictures and photos, the website provides access to the music files for practicing, and a wide variety of information on the performances, the membership, connections with the community, and the operation of the organization. It is managed by the Website Maintenance Committee.

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7.     Financial

In addition to the financial requirements specified in the Bylaws for duties of the Treasurer, there are other policies that are financial in nature.  The organization pays for rehearsal venues, concert venues, a professional Choral Director, and a professional Accompanist.  To cover these costs requires membership dues, performance revenue, and fund-raising activities.

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8.     Governance

Since the organization, formally the Fun Times Singers, Inc., is a non-profit corporation, specifically a 501(c)3 Public Benefit Corporation, it must meet state and federal requirements for governance. As such, FTS has a Board of Directors and a set of Bylaws, which these policies complement.

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