5.        Concerts

Two concerts are held at the end of each session, typically on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.  Since the concerts are the primary source of income to the organization, it is essential that chorus members invite their friends and families to concerts.

a.     Music Selection.  As stated in Section 14.3.b of the Bylaws, the Choral Director is responsible for the selection of music.  The Music Library Committee assists the Choral Director.  The Board may override the music selection if there are controversial issues involved.

b.     Attendance.  All members are expected to attend both concerts at the end of each session, unless excused by the Choral Director.

c.      Concert Attire, Cosmetics.  All members are required to purchase and wear the concert attire selected by the Concert Attire Committee and the Choral Director. Assistance is available in case of financial hardship.
No perfume or scents are to be worn.

d.     Receptions.  Receptions are held after each concert. Chorus members provide cookies or other appropriate snacks for each concert, and they are expected to help with reception tasks. The Reception Committee identifies a variety of small tasks so all chorus members should be able to find a task that suits their abilities.

e.     Concert CDs.  The Concert CD Committee has the responsibility of generating CD recordings of the concert songs for each session, and for determining the number sold.

f.      Copyrights.  The Copyright Clearance Committee has the responsibility of determining the payments to be made to the copyright holders of the music recorded on the concert CDs.



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