8.        Governance

Since the organization, formally the Fun Times Singers, Inc., is a non-profit corporation, specifically a 501(c)3 Public Benefit Corporation, it must meet state and federal requirements for governance.

The following items supplement the FTS Bylaws.

a.     Special Committees.   In addition to the committees established by the Bylaws and the standing committees identified above in Section 2, the Board may establish special committees to perform specific short-term tasks.

b.     Contracts.  The FTS policies on agreements with contractors are defined in this section.

                i.         Contractor Selection Process. When it becomes necessary to replace a current contractor, the Board of Directors will search the area for viable candidates and present a short list to the membership for comment and advice. The members will be part of the decision process but the final decision will be made by the board.

              ii.         Contractor Termination.  Any contractor must be given a minimum of 30 days advance notice of termination. The Board of Directors is responsible for determining when it has become necessary to terminate a contractor.

c.      Member participation.  Members are encouraged to participate by attending Board meetings, talking to Board members and other chorus members, and submitting formal proposals and suggestions using the FTS website.




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