6.        Website


The website, which can be accessed at www.FunTimesSingers.org, is the official channel of communications of FTS activities to the membership and the community at large.  Liberally supplied with pictures and photos, the website provides access to the music files for practicing, and a wide variety of information on the performances, the membership, connections with the community, and the operation of the organization.  It is managed by the Website Maintenance Committee.

a.     FTS Webmaster. The Website Maintenance Committee will select an FTS Webmaster, who will maintain and make changes to the FTS website.

b.     Content. The content of the website will be limited to descriptions of the organization and material of interest to the membership.  The website is not to be used for commercial or personal purposes.  Announcements regarding paid performances of other community choruses is allowed.

c.      Usage.  The website may be used by two classes of visitors: the anonymous public and signed-in members. Any page that contains personal information or confidential corporate information must be protected by requiring the visitor to supply a valid user name and password. Inactive members may continue to use the "member only" features. Due to possible copyright issues, recordings of the chorus shall only be provided to the signed-in members for educational purposes, not the general public.



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